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K9 Kilts

Occasion wear for your cherished canine!

We are a small business that make kilts for your canine friends! Perfect for weddings and special occasions, our kilts make for a unique photo opportunity and help to make your very special day so much more memorable! Also great for dogs that just love their clothes!

Now selling tartan face masks too!

Made with the dog in mind

Our kilts are designed to allow dogs to walk, run, play, go to the toilet and just be dogs in general! One strap is fastened a few inches behind the front legs and a collar around the neck that has space for full head movement.

Rosemary McAllan

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Hi there, I'm Rosemary! I design and make all of the kilts by hand from my home in Scotland.

Ailsa Giffin

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Hi! I'm Ailsa and I look after social media

and all things online!

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